Dach-ayusin ang TDP Washer

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TypeDach-fix TDP Dach-fix TD WasherMateiralAlu-Zinc Steel SheetDimension60*1.0mmThickness of Steel Deck1.0mmApplicationUsing with Fastener to Fix Soft Insulation (like mineral wool, XPS, PUR, etc) to Roof DeckUsing WithR(E)-fix, RS-fix, P-fix, PS-fixRecommended Pcs/sqm...

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uri Dach-ayusin ang TDP Dach-ayusin ang TD Washer
Mateiral Alu-sink Steel Sheet
sukat 60 * 1.0mm
Kapal ng Steel Deck 1.0mm
application Ang paggamit na may Fastener upang Ayusin Soft Insulation (tulad ng mineral lana, XPS, PUR, atbp) upang Roof Deck
gamit gamit R (E) -Ayusin, RS-fix, P-fix, PS-fix
Inirekomenda Pcs / sqm Kumonsulta Supplier Roofing System batay sa Substrates


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