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Honeycomb geocell is a new type of geosynthetics material. It is a three-dimensional mesh cell made of polymer sheets welded by ultrasonic wave. When it is used, it unfolds in a network shape and fills in loose materials such as sand, gravel and soil to form a composite material of an integral mechanism. It can be honeycombed or perforated on the sheet according to customer’s requirements to enhance its lateral permeability and increase friction and bonding with the base material.

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1.It is flexible and can be transported and stacked. During construction, it can be stretched into a net and filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel, concrete, etc. to form a structure with strong lateral restriction and large stiffness.
2.Light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light and oxygen aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions.
3.Higher lateral restraint and anti-skid, anti-deformation and effective enhancement of subgrade bearing capacity and decentralized load.
4.Geotechnical dimensions such as height of geocell and welding distance can meet different engineering needs.
5.Flexibility, small transport volume, convenient connection and fast construction speed.

Technical data sheet:

Model Width Length Length of lattice expansion Width of cell expansion Cell height Lattice room solder joint distance Solder joint number Cell single cell area


Cell sheet thickness Each piece of The number of tablets Cell mass per unit area (g/ m)



62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 200 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 2400±50
TGGS -150­


62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 150 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 1800±50



62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 100 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 1200±50



62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 75 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 900±50


1.Honeycomb geocell is mainly used for:
2.Used to stabilize railway roadbed;
3.It is used to stabilize the soft foundation of highway.
4.Preventive and retaining walls used to withstand loading gravity;
5.For shallow river regulation;
6.It is used to support pipelines and sewers.
7.Mixed retaining wall for preventing landslide and loading gravity;
8.Used for independent walls, wharfs, flood dikes, etc

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