S-fix FTII Termination Strip

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TypeS-fix FTII S-fix FTII Termination StripMateiralAluminiumDimension20*2000mmThickness of Steel Deck2.0mmApplicationTermination of Membrane on Upstand with Waterproof DetailsUsing WithR(E)-fix, RS-fix, P-fix, PS-fixRecommended Pcs/sqmConsult Roofing System Supplier ba...

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Type S-fix FTII S-fix FTII Termination Strip
Mateiral Aluminium
Dimension 20*2000mm
Thickness of Steel Deck 2.0mm
Application Termination of Membrane on Upstand with Waterproof Details
Using With R(E)-fix, RS-fix, P-fix, PS-fix
Recommended Pcs/sqm Consult Roofing System Supplier based on Substrates


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